Andrea's Unsolicited Review: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN

More like the The Most Mediocre Showman.

I'm sorry, my darling Hugh. But it's just the truth.

First of all, I must say that I love musicals. Love them. I love singing along, I love the feeling of being grabbed hold by strong lyrics, a huge dance sequence and a beautiful love scene. I am not big on romance films, but pair it with music and I truly fall for it.

As for The Greatest Showman, fifty-four minutes in and I was completely unimpressed and started on this review. This film suffers from a bad script and even worse songwriting. The story bounces around and makes no sense, and the pacing drags the story along like a sack of manure through mud. I don't think the writers knew how to create emotion and interest in their characters. The songs are boring and way too wordy except for "This is Me", but even that song doesn't fit the film because of the lack of building up the freaks as their own characters.

I love Hugh Jackman. He is my favorite actor. And that voice and dancing ability... as everyone has said: he's the total package.

From Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)

But not even he can save this disaster. He feels like he's just kinda coasting through this film, but I think it's because the character is quite one-dimensional. He wasn't given anything decent to work with. Zac Efron is still a fantastic singer (I really loved him in Hairspray), but he also wasn't given a quality role to grow his character with. Zendaya is lackluster, Keala Settle (The Bearded Lady) is not given the attention she deserves, and why the hell is Sam Humphrey's (Tom Thumb) voice dubbed over? Even worse: the CG is absolutely terrible. What exactly were you spending your money on? Oh wait, I know.

There are some wonderful musical actors and dancers in this film; true amazing talent that was just flat out ignored. In addition, most of the stuff about P.T. Barnum isn't even true. He was a real jerk and con artist in real life. But I guess it was more important to not tell the truth than to actually create an interesting story. And to jump on the PC bandwagon... but that's a political rant for another time.

Check out this video. If the film had even half of the emotion this video expresses, then it would've been an amazing success. Sadly, it has none of this. It's really too bad. I'll stick to Disney, Pixar, and bringing stage musicals to the big screen from now on.